Hello, my name is Ada, I'm a 19yo girl from Poland and I'm going to be deaf by the age of 25.

This blog is my musical diary - a quick peek into my current fascinations.
May 23rd | 2 notes

Spray can soundporn.

May 23rd | 3 notes

The night sounds of modern neo-soul.

Apr 25th | 1 note

Feels like I’m walking into heaven.

Apr 7th | 4 notes

Gas - Zauberberg 1 (by shonguiz0)

God is talking to me.

Apr 7th | 3 notes

Ocean deep.

Apr 7th | 1 note

Your frequencies don’t speak to me.

Apr 7th

Lost in the dense fog forever.

Apr 7th | 1 note

So heavy it’s hard to bear.

Apr 7th | 5 notes

Now I breathe again.

Mar 24th | 2 notes

Groovy energy from Poland.